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Kind of dumb.... but I was bored!

The world is so confusing
Please help me understand
We always ask for answers
But never lend a hand
If we gave a little more
And received a little less
Then maybe in the end
It'll work out for the best
If no one was self centered
And we were always sharing
And people could just stop
Lies, whispering, and staring
Then maybe things around here
Would be more obvious
You may think you have it bad
But life here's not that rough
People are dying for freedoms
That we take advantage of
Like press, speech, religion
And choices in life and love
We get all wrapped up
In stupid little fights
While other people elsewhere
Are dying for our rights
And you better not screw up
Because you only get 1 chance
So do everything you want
Laugh and sing and dance
Stop paying attention
To fighting and drama
And think of all you have
Go and thank your mama
What I'm trying to express
You hopefully got from my rhyme
Is to be careful what you do
Because you only live one time
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